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Note, see the Commit History in Github for fuller documentation of changes (by release.

GCD Github Repository Commit History

7.4.0 - 6 Nov 2018

  • Fixed issue when attempting a linear extraction with ShapeFiles containing null and multipart geometries.
  • Raster properties now appear in the correct raster units instead of always being converted to meters.
  • foot_us units now recognized correctly as US Survey Foot units.
  • Import raster form improvements.
  • Removed Data Preparation menu from both ArcGIS AddIn and Standalone.
  • Renamed the Tools menu in the Standalone to Customize to be consistent within the ArcGIS AddIn.

7.3.0 - 14 Sep 2018

  • Bug fix to user FIS library loading

7.2.0 - 27 Aug 2018

7.1.1 - 29 Jun 2018

  • Fixed GCD calling the Cross Section Viewer by changing the publisher to North Arrow Research Ltd.
  • Fixed budget segregation issue when the thresholded histogram possesses no values.

7.1.0 - 11 May 2018

This one is a big release that changes the platform of the Standalone so if you have the Standalone installed you will need to uninstall it and re-install it. Further updates should happen as usual.

Nearly 50 bug fixes and enhancements including:

  • 64-bit support! (Standalone only) We’re thrilled to anounce the Standalone product is now working in full 64-bit.
  • Memory leaks: Fixed a nasty memory leak issue which should free up more RAM and allow for larger rasters to be processed.
  • Significant performance increases (in addition to the 64-bit) when doing windowed operations like Hillshading.
  • Lots of workflow issues to smooth out user experience.
  • Many file locking issues.
  • Dozens of little UI glitches and typos.
  • Better help and tooltips overall.
  • Improved integrity checking when deleting project items.

Known Issues

  • Morphological analysis results and user interface still being finalized.

7.0.16 - 17 Apr 2018

  • Probabilistic thresholded error raster.
  • Fixing DoD and budget segregation analysis inputs property grid to reference correct new and old surfaces.
  • Links to TAT and Cross Section Viewer online help web sites.

7.0.15 - 17 Apr 2018

  • Projection mismatches presented as warning instead of error.
  • Browsing to *.tiff files.

7.0.14 - 16 Apr 2018

  • Fixed y axis label when switching between area and volume DoD histogram plots.
  • Enforces zero as the minimum of the elevation change DoD bar charts.
  • HTML encoding GCD project file path when exporting to the Cross Section Viewer (allows for spaces in the path).

7.0.13 - 13 Apr 2018

  • AnyCPU architecture.

7.0.12 - 12 Apr 2018

  • Click Once deployment fixed for StandAlone.
  • Launching Cross Section Viewer now works correctly.
  • Web-based acknowledgements form.
  • Online help buttons.
  • Exceptions now have GCD and ArcMap versions.
  • Deleting morphological analyses and linear extractions implemented.
  • Deleting DoDs and budget segregations checks for file locks first.
  • Viewing FIS error surface properties now works.

7.0.11 - 4 Apr 2018

  • Fixed clicking on DoD tabular results table header.
  • Revised morphological analysis user interface.

7.0.10 - 28 Mar 2018

  • Fixed FIS calculations
  • Fixed row indexing in the budget segregation stat % totals column.

7.0.09 - 22 Mar 2018

  • Error Surfaces:
    • Fixed default checkbox.
    • Fixed bug when error surface has no value for cells.
    • FIS file copied next to error surface raster. where there is valid change between two surfaces.
  • Linear Extractions from DoDs implemented.
  • GCD now handles “US Survey Foot” linear units.
  • Disabled opening of last project in GCD standalone.
  • Morphological analysis now produces a spreadsheet.
  • Fixed multi-epoch bug when sorting DEMs.
  • Regular masks added to map with 30% transparency.
  • New FIS library features:
    • System and user FIS shown in library.
    • ET-AL FIS repo included in deployment.
  • DoD elevation change bars y axis accounts for error bars.
  • Change Detection:
    • Produces thresholded error raster.
    • Adding all DoDs to map.
    • Adding all DoDs with the same surfaces to the map.
    • User can edit DoD name.
  • GCD does not copy Deploy folder to AppData folder at start-up.

Known Issues

  • FIS calculation is wrong.
  • Thresholded error raster for probabilistic thresholding is wrong.
  • Editing two items (of any type) and giving them the same name breaks uniqueness constraint.

7.0.08 - 8 Mar 2018

  • Including the Morphological and InterComparison spreadsheets in the deployments.
  • Raw and thresholded layers in the map now have the name of the DoD.
  • Fixed DoD results - clicking the reset button.
  • Changed order or raw and threshdolded add to map menu items on DoD right click menu
  • Changed order of create new error surface and create from mask.
  • Removed test “for entire DEM extent” from create error surface menu.
  • Bug fixing serialization of morphological spreadsheet into XML.
  • Fixing creating regular mask when the user changes field.
  • Fixed bug adding existing error surface.
  • Fixing editing both single and multi-method error surfaces.
  • Slope and point density associated surfaces getting default names.

7.0.07 - 6 Mar 2018

  • Internal test release.
  • Refactored project tree with more consistent menus.
    • Simplified associated surface user interface
    • Refactored error surface generation.
  • Profile routes.
  • Linear extractions.
  • Inter-comparison spreadsheets
  • Morphological change identifying minimum flux cell
  • Customizable change detection plots
    • Error bars on elevation change bar plots.
    • Simplified tabular change detection results.
  • Add to map for all new project items.

7.0.06 - 22 Feb 2018

  • Reference surfaces and reference error surfaces
    • From a set of DEMs the error surface is derived from the min, max from the corresponding error surface value, or the root mean square of the error surface values.
  • Regular, directional and area of interest masks
  • Change detection with AOI
  • Vector based operations use GDAL to convert the polygons into a temporary raster layer
    • Budget segregation
    • Multi-method error
    • AOI change detection
  • Morphological approach
  • Budget segregation % totals column added to tabular display
  • Simplified DEM properties form

Known Issues

  • Multi-method error surfaces not working
  • FIS error surfaces not working
  • Morphological approach min flux cell identification not working

7.0.03 - 30 Jan 2018

  • Fixed change detection with probabilistic thresholding when no spatial coherence in use (issue #30).


7.0.02 - 22 Jan 2018

  • Fixing AddIn so that Deploy files are considered part of the installation and not AddInContent.

7.0.01 - 19 Jan 2018

  • First version of GCD standalone and GCD AddIn for ArcGIS
  • All core GCD 6 functionality
  • Multiple uncertainty analysis batch change detection

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