Geomorphic Change Detection Software

Old Versions of GCD Software

Old Versions

GCD has been through multiple iterations. The current version is GCD 7. However, all of the old versions can be downloaded below and still work (many with various version specific ESRI ArcGIS dependencies). We are no longer supporting any of these pre GCD 7 releases.

Latest stable release of GCD 6:    GCD 6.1.14


With GCD 6, we switched to ArcGIS Add-Ins, so we could be a little less version dependent and and facilitate users installing without administrative privileges. We also took major strides towards minimizing our depencies on ESRI’s Arc Object libraries and ESRI geoprocessing to improve stability.

GCD 6 exists in a few different flavors. The GCD 6 ArcGIS Add-In is a C# project coded in Visual Studio that makes calls to an underlying GCDCore library written in C++, as well as a RasterMan Library also written in C++. There is a command-line version of GCD that makes calls to the same C++ libraries. Given how finicky the Add-In source code is, we have not made that open source and instead just freeware. However, the underlying libraries that all the computations and GCD functionality are based on are open source. GCD 6 was primarily programmed by North Arrow Research, with some support from the Wheaton ET-AL Lab and ESSA Technologies.

Last Stable Release of GCD 6: GCD 6.1.14
GCD 6 Help

RasterMan Library

The RasterMan Library is used in GCD and other tools and is an open source library of common raster geoprocessing calls written in C++ and available in Win32, Win64, Ubuntu12.04 and OSX 10.10 builds. A GitHub repository of the source code can be found here.

RasterMan on GitHub

GCD 6 Command Line Version

Windows 32 Bit Version of GCD 6 Console - Simply type GCD at command line for a list of commands and syntax.

GCD 6 Command Line

NOTE: *Command line ships with GCD 6 Add-In


The GCD 5 was a complete redesign of the GUI, and it was refactored into C# by ESSA Technologies. GCD 5 is an ArcGIS Plug-In and is therefore, unfortunately, version specific to ArcGIS (GCD 5.0.35 and earlier works with 10.0.x and GCD 5.2.07 works with 10.1.x).

Last Stable Release of GCD 5: GCD 5.2.07
GCD 5 Help


The GCD 4.0 Beta was the first non-MatLAB release of the Geomorphic Change Detection software. GCD 4 was developed by Chris Garrard of the RSGIS Lab at Utah State University and Joe Wheaton. Plugins to ArcGIS 9.3 and ArcGIS 10.x as well as a Windows Stand-alone flavor were all produce. Funding for the software development was provided by the now defunct Intermountain Center for River Restoration and Rehabilitation (Note: ICRRR has been superceded by Utah State University’s Restoration Consoritum).

GCD 4 - Downloads
GCD 4 - Help Pages

DoD 3 (Matlab) / GCD 3

For those of you Matlab hold outs out there, Joe originally coded the GCD up in Matlab. You can still access the source code here:

DoD 3 - Matlab Source Code on GitHub
DoD 3 - Program, Tutorials & Documentation

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