Geomorphic Change Detection Software

DEM Surveys

Commands from DEM Surveys Node


From the DEM Surveys node in the Project Exploer under Inputs in the GCD Project Explorer, a right-click context menu reveals five commands :

  • Add Existing DEM Survey - This is how you add a DEM Survey to your project
  • Explore DEM Surveys Folder - Opens the \Inputs\Surveys folder in your GCD Proect in Windows Explorer
  • Sort DEM Surveys
    • Sort Alphabetically Ascending - Sorts in ascending order (i.e. A-Z, 1-9) based on Survey Names
    • Sort Alphabetically Descending- Sorts in descending order (i.e. Z-A, 9-1) based on Survey Names
    • Sort Chronologically Ascending - Sorts from Oldest to Newest if a survey date is specifed in surveys.
    • Sort Chronoligically Descending- Sorts from Newest to Oldest if a survey date is specifed in surveys.
  • Add all DEM Surveys to the Map - Adds all the DEM Surveys in your project with their hillshades to ArcMAP table of contents (only available in ArcGIS AddIn)
  • Collapse Child Items - *If any DEM surveys are expanded to show their child contents, this command simply collapses them all down to tidy up tree view. *

One Survey node expanded:


All survey nodes collapsed:


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